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Taxis in India

In Bangalore and Hyderabad, there are taxi services you can hire for multiple days. This is handy because it is not always easy to find a taxi. When taking a taxi from the hotel, ask the price before you leave, and keep the driver with you. I took a taxi from 10:00am to 10:00pm.

While working from 5:00pm to 9:30pm, the driver waited in the office parking lot for me. I was gratiful to see him because it was dark, late, and there where no other taxis in the area.

Indian Driver

Colourful Beautiful Ladies of India

During the daytime business hours, I commented to my driver, how I loved seeing the Indian women walking through the streets wearing their bright coloured salvas. The pink, red, purple, yellow, green brighten up the otherwise drab colours of the streets.

There are many styles of the traditional saris, specific colours and designs from regions of India. The sari has a length of cloth that is wrapped about the body which can be time consuming to put on, and in some cases, uncomfortable to wear. On the other hand, the salva is comfortable to wear, and appropriate for the weather, making it the style of choice for women in the office. And as I might add, an attractive choice to brighten up the otherwise drab colours of the office.

In the photo below, the woman in gold and orange is wearing the 3 parts of her salva: the scarf or shawl, the long shirt, and pants. The woman wrapped in blue cloth, trimmed with orange, is wearing a sari. Both women are worked for Sun Microsystems, Bangalore, India. In the center, I am the visiting instructor.

Indian Ladies in Bangalore