Getting Started with Sun ONE


Stacy Thurston,
a member of the Sun ONE team.

Sun Microsystems Press and Prentice Hall

2003 in Palo Alto, California


Description from the Book's back page

A step-by-step guide to delivering high-value solutions, Getting Started with Sun ONE covers planning, designing, configuring, integrating, and implementing Sun ONE internet infrastructures. Drawing on his first-hand experience supporting Sun ONE customers, Thurston describes the Sun ONE Application Server, Directory Server, and Web Server, and provides expert guidance on building business applications with Sun ONE Studio (now known as NetBeans).

About the Author

STACY THURSTON was a member of the Sun ONE team at Sun Microsystems and previously served as product manager for the Sun-Netscape Alliance that developed the iPlanet products now known as Sun ONE. He started as a technical support engineer for Netscape's business communication products, later becoming an instructor helping companies leverage Netscape and iPlanet products worldwide.

Signed by Legends of Silicon Valley

Signed by the inventor of the Java computer language, James Gosling. He created Java while working at Sun Microsystems, where I met him.

Other signees,

Scott McNealy, Sun Microsystems co-founder,

Marc Andressen, Netscape co-founder, now a venture capitalist,

Mark Kvamme, was a partner at Sequoia Capital. He introduced me to Marc.

Mark Tolliver, President of iPlanet, the Netscape|Sun Microsystems Alliance.


I was the ghostwriter for Scott McNealy on the Forward, which he signed.

Architecture Diagrams

Web server components

Web server request flow

Web server CGI configuration setup

CGI output

Web Services

Java Message Queue