I'm writing a book.
  1. Intro
  2. Passion to write a book
  3. Book ideas
  4. Plot and story line
  5. Research
  6. Writing an outline

Travel blogs
  • Hong Kong
  • India
  • Singapore
  • Thailand
  • Taxis negotiations

Fish gamePlay/Hide the Fish game
Click Start TargetImage to start the game.
Then shoot torpedos at the fish.

Fish Game image

I'm taking the online James Patterson MasterClass Writing course.
Blog articles on traveling for business and pleasure
A game I wrote in JavaScript to demo basic coding with simple animation.
For Course Developers 
Course Development
Blog articles on working as a training developer.
For AdministratorsInstructions
Linux VM set up
Set up a Linux Virtual Machine (VM) from scratch.
For Architects 
image Getting Started with Sun One
Web Server request process flow diagram


Architecture book published by Sun Microsystems Press, covering:
  • Web Server
  • Application Server
  • LDAP Directory Server
For DevelopersSamples
Derby Database
  • Intro to Derby
  • Derby Project Setup
  • Getting Started
  • Backup and Restore
  • Derby Java SE Program

Python program samples
  • Intro
  • Strings, dates, branching, loops, functions,
  • user prompting, files and directories

PHP program samples
  • Hello World
  • Processing a form with PHP
  • Object basics
  • JSON encoding
Derby: Getting started, management and programming
Python: getting started by using Jython in NetBeans.
PHP: Hello World and other samples.

Over 70 sample Java programs
Certified Java SE programmer, I .

Above is my Certified Professional card from Oracle.
My Oracle Java Professional Badge


JavaScript Map Program
JavaScript Map Scrolling Sample

Satellite and Political map views

JavaScript Map development programs
JavaScript programming of Google Map basics.

Partly updated for touch screens.